Only (A Poem)

In the end There’s only this There’s only now There’s only this moment There’s only your breath on my skin There’s only words left unspoken Because we are too afraid There’s only late nights Laying under the stars And telling each other Our dreams There’s only a lie Because you left There’s no breath There’s no words There’s no late nights There’s only me There’s … Continue reading Only (A Poem)

Drabble #1: You’re My Starry Night

My back was to him as I looked out the window. The glass was fogged up, rain running down like sweat on cold glass, preventing me from seeing the city. It was a much-needed distraction as I prepared myself to speak. The room was cold and damp. I pulled the sweater tighter against me as if that could help me with what I was about … Continue reading Drabble #1: You’re My Starry Night