Only (A Poem)

In the end There’s only this There’s only now There’s only this moment There’s only your breath on my skin There’s only words left unspoken Because we are too afraid There’s only late nights Laying under the stars And telling each other Our dreams There’s only a lie Because you left There’s no breath There’s no words There’s no late nights There’s only me There’s … Continue reading Only (A Poem)

Starry-Eyed (A Poem)

She comes in like a heavy fog over green, green hills, slow and steady as the sun rises in the east, breaking into blues and oranges. She walks like A cheetah, Each step placed With purpose, Graceful and poised But ready at a Moment’s notice To speed off And save the day. Her voice is Like water, Calm and cool, Soothing all hurts And easing … Continue reading Starry-Eyed (A Poem)