Why Am I Watching Videos of Soap Being Cut?

So all day today I’ve been watching videos of people cutting soap. Why? Well for some strange reason it’s soothing and kind of like slows down my brain. All day I’ve been sort of cranky but for some damn reason watching videos of soap being cut and listening to the soothing noise helped me relax. I wonder it it’d help me sleep… Short post but … Continue reading Why Am I Watching Videos of Soap Being Cut?

Songs I Am Currently Obsessed With

These are songs that I am currently obsessed with – for different reasons that I will explain. Why am I obsessed with this song? The emotion in it is amazing. I love Jacoby Shaddix and I love Maria Brink. I have listened to Papa Roach for years, and now thanks to this song, I’ve been listening to In This Moment (Maria Brink’s band). The emotion … Continue reading Songs I Am Currently Obsessed With

Starry-Eyed (A Poem)

She comes in like a heavy fog over green, green hills, slow and steady as the sun rises in the east, breaking into blues and oranges. She walks like A cheetah, Each step placed With purpose, Graceful and poised But ready at a Moment’s notice To speed off And save the day. Her voice is Like water, Calm and cool, Soothing all hurts And easing … Continue reading Starry-Eyed (A Poem)